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Welcome to The Work In Progress Blog!

My name is Kaleb, a chronic pain sufferer since 2013. What started out as unexplained 24/7 head pressure and dizziness, turned into full spine discomfort since 2015, and daily GERD since 2020 after a severe stomach flu. Similar to other chronic pain sufferers, I've had many tests, bloodwork, and imaging with no diagnosis. Many doctors have given up on me, leaving me to do my own research and trials.


Living with chronic pain ignited my passion for health and wellness. I'm much more conscious with what I do with my body and what I put in it. While I've accepted that I may not be able to find a cure, I refuse to give up hope in finding a management plan and a feeling of progress with health in general. I look forward to the day when I can confidently say to myself, "I felt good today."

My goal with this blog is to research, try new things, learn, grow, and pursue the feeling of progress with my efforts. I'll be tackling topics about my health progress, diet, mental health, sleep, fitness, and life in general. Follow my journey and learn something along the way.


Thank you for stopping by!

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